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Who We Are

Born amidst the dot-com crash, we understand the challenges of illiquidity. For over two decades, we have pioneered new segments of the venture capital market. Today, Industry Ventures manages over $3 billion and serves founders, venture funds, and institutions across the ecosystem—from early-stage to exit.

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Our Approach

We are a full-stack venture capital investment firm. Our funds invest into companies and venture capital partnerships directly and via secondary transactions. Our team addresses inefficiencies in venture capital with flexible solutions for entrepreneurs, venture funds, and limited partners.

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Portfolio Companies

We are proud to invest in the leading venture-backed companies driving the global economy forward. Whether our firm joins as a primary investor or through a secondary transaction, we support the entrepreneurs running these businesses without distracting management from their primary objectives.

Venture Funds

Being both a limited partner in venture funds and a co-investor, we offer unique support to GPs over the life-cycle of the fund. We offer primary commitments at inception, early secondary purchases, tail-end restructurings and wind down, and secondary direct purchases to provide liquidity for top companies to ensure executive teams can go the distance to final exit. As a collaborative investor, we do not have preset ownership or investment amounts; and we are often invited by well-functioning boards to lead rounds as we do not require a seat.


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Even on the Way Out, Investors Deserve a Manager’s Empathy

We were taught as children about the golden rule: treat others as one would expect to be treated. Sometimes we forget this rule in business—particularly in the venture business. While we could take a sentence like that in several different directions, today the focus is on limited partner transfers. In many cases, nobody is at…

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Secondary Funds – Venture Capital and Private Equity Update

In our last article, “The Venture Capital Risk Matrix,” we reviewed targeted return profiles for direct venture capital and fund investments. Since then, the CEO at one of our portfolio companies asked us, “How do secondary funds compare to venture capital returns?” After thinking about it, we decided it made sense to provide an overview…

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The Venture Capital Risk and Return Matrix

One of our venture fund managers recently asked, “When you invest, what is a good expected return?” After thinking about the question, we concluded that the answer depends on the type of investment – is it a company or fund, and is it early-stage or late-stage? It is also necessary to account for factors we…

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