Firm Founded


First Secondary Investment


Launched Hybrid Fund-of-Funds Strategy


Commenced Inaugural Direct Fund


Surpassed $3B in AUM


Launched Tech Buyout Strategy



Industry Ventures was initially formed in 2000 to make seed-stage investments in start-up technology companies. When the NASDAQ collapsed shortly after we had completed our first direct investments, the venture business entered a very difficult liquidity period. In 2001, we recognized an investment opportunity as the result of this market challenge and shifted our investment strategy to focus on secondary investments in venture-backed companies.

Our first secondary investment was the purchase of shares in Speedera Networks from a publicly-traded corporation. Speedera Networks was acquired years later by Akamai in 2005.

Several months after our first secondary investment, the firm acquired the venture capital division of Electronic Data Systems (EDS). Over the period from 2002-2004, the firm acquired over $200 million of invested capital from various sellers of venture capital portfolios including Bowman Capital, Enron Broadband Ventures and Infospace. This investment activity was instrumental in the early formation of the secondary market for venture capital investments.

In 2009, we launched our fund of funds effort with the acquisition of Little Hawk Capital Management. We were fortunate to invest in a number of small venture capital funds with high-multiple potential. We subsequently built a portfolio of over several dozen small, leading, early-stage venture capital funds which spawned direct co-investment opportunities for our firm. Some of their underlying investments included Facebook, Instagram, Isilon, Pandora, Twitter, Uber and Zynga.

Today, Industry Ventures manages over $4 billion of assets under management, focusing exclusively on the venture capital asset class.  Our experienced team of 29 professionals has built a broad portfolio of investments and maintains strong relationships with venture capital firms, company management teams, and technology entrepreneurs. Since 2014, Preqin has named Industry Ventures as a top US “Consistent Performing Manager for Secondary Funds and Fund of Funds.”

Our Venture Platform

Industry Ventures has four complementary venture capital investment strategies: secondary fund, hybrid fund of funds, direct fund, and a tech buyout fund.

Secondary Fund:

Acquires venture capital assets and provides liquidity with a focus on late-stage venture-backed companies and funds.

Types of investments: secondary direct company shares, funded secondary fund interests, and special situations

Hybrid Fund of Funds:

Supports early-stage venture-backed companies via primary fund commitments and direct company investments.

Types of investments: primary fund commitments, early secondary fund interests, and direct investments

Direct Fund:

Makes investments in early and mid-stage venture-backed companies through primary rounds and through special purpose vehicles.

Types of investments: direct company investments, SPVs, and co-investment funds

Tech Buyout Fund:

Makes investments in lower, mid-market technology buyout managers supplemented with concentrated exposure to top companies through direct co-invest.

Types of investments: primary fund commitments to small tech buyout funds and direct co-investments with those managers

Our Mission

We will support innovative technology companies and their venture capital investors with reliable, honest, efficient, and long-term capital solutions.

Our Vision

We want to change the way you think about venture capital investing. We provide our investors with differentiated access to investments that lower the overall risk of investing in venture capital while striving to maintain the upside potential. Our team is passionate about working with leading growth companies, their founders, and the venture fund managers that help finance their businesses. We create win-win liquidity solutions for private investments in companies and funds and support their growth efforts with patient, long-term capital.

Our Pledge

We are committed to fostering an environment of diversity, equity, and inclusion—both within our own walls and throughout the private equity community. Our human capital is by far the most valuable asset we have. Our culture, reputation, and achievements are the collective product of our individual differences, life experiences, self-expression, and unique capabilities that our employees and partners pour into their work on a daily basis.