We are an innovative, full-stack venture capital firm that applies an entrepreneurial mindset to unlock unique opportunities.

Who We Are

Over the last twenty years, the firm has evolved from being a pioneer in secondary investments to becoming the leading provider of flexible capital solutions for the venture ecosystem. Our mission is to support innovative technology companies and their venture capital investors with reliability, honesty, efficiency, and patience.

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Pioneering New Beginnings in Venture
Firm Founded

Initially formed as a early-stage technology investor, Industry Ventures identified a unique opportunity to forge a venture secondary market when the NASDAQ collapsed shortly after our first direct investments. This entrepreneurial spirit is core to our DNA.

Necessity Spurs
First Secondary Investment

Our first completed secondary transaction was a share purchase in Speedera Networks* from a publicly traded corporation. Speedera Networks was already a mature company at the time of our investment, and Akamai ultimately acquired the business in 2005.

Cemented as Institutional Grade
First Institutional Vehicle

With a budding track record, we closed our first fund from institutional limited partners. Industry Ventures Secondary Fund IV focused exclusively on purchasing direct secondary investments, limited partnership interests, and special situations in venture capital.

Early Bet on
Launched Early-Stage Hybrid Fund-of-Funds Strategy

Observing the outperformance of the small-fund venture capital market, Industry Ventures launched its hybrid fund of funds program, Partnership Holdings, with the acquisition of Little Hawk Capital Management LLC in late 2009.

Expanding Investment
First Direct Co-Investment

With the debut of Partnership Holdings, we built a portfolio of several dozen small, early-stage venture funds that spawned direct opportunities for our firm. Initial underlying co-investments included Facebook, Instagram, Pandora, Twitter, Uber, and Zynga*.

Collaborating via Differentiated Solutions
First Pro-rata Co-Investment

The success of the venture market attracted larger and later follow-on financings, which often exceed the capacity and scope of our managers’ small, early-stage funds. We put control and power back in our managers hands by funding their pro-rata allocations.

Established Dedicated Direct Strategy
Raised Inaugural Direct Fund

The Firm raised its debut direct fund, Industry Ventures Direct, to build on the successful primary direct investment strategy. These venture-backed companies are typically funded by existing Partnership Holdings’ managers through special purpose vehicles and direct co-investments.

the Gap
First Tech Buyout Investment

After two decades in the venture ecosystem, Industry Ventures counts 425+ fund interests with 5,000+ underlying companies. We are in a unique position to connect venture-backed companies and boards with tech buyout managers where control ownership makes sense.

Extending Our Global Footprint
Opened London Office

With a decade of experience investing internationally from our San Francisco and Washington D.C. offices, we opened our first overseas office in London. Venture capital has deepened its roots across Europe, and we are harvesting opportunities with an on-the-ground presence.

Welcomed A
Strategic Partner
Permanent Capital Investment

Petershill Partners, operated by Goldman Sachs Asset Management, made a permanent capital investment with us. Their partnership provides strategic support to position our firm for continued growth and development capital to allow deeper GP investment into all of our various fund strategies.

Scaling to Better
Surpassed $5B in AUM

Industry Ventures crossed over $5B in committed capital* across four strategies spanning the venture lifecycle: Partnership Holdings (seed and early stage), Direct Fund (early-growth stage), Secondary Fund (late stage), Tech Buyout (post venture).

Our Vision

We want to change the way you think about venture capital investing. We provide differentiated access to investments that lower the overall risk of the venture asset class while maintaining upside potential. Our team is passionate about working with leading growth companies, their founders, and the venture fund managers that finance their businesses to structure capital solutions that benefit all stakeholders.

Our Pledge

We are committed to fostering an environment of diversity, equity, and inclusion—both within our own walls and throughout the broader venture community. Human capital is our most valuable asset. Our culture, reputation, and achievements are the collective product of our individual differences, life experiences, self-expression, and unique capabilities that our team members and partners pour into their work daily.

We Are Committed to Diversity and Equality

Principles for Responsible Investment

Industry Ventures is a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment, in partnership with the United Nations, to manage and understand the investment implications of environmental, social, and governance factors.

ILPA Diversity in Action

Industry Ventures is a signatory of the Institutional Limited Partners Association Diversity in Action initiative to help motivate our fellow GPs and LPs in advancing diversity and inclusion within our organizations and beyond.

CFA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Code

Industry Ventures is a signatory of the CFA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Code which focuses on defining key principles for firms to implement and providing a metrics-based reporting framework. 

The Diversity VC Standard

Industry Ventures is Level One Certified by The Diversity VC Standard, an assessment process to provide venture managers with best practices to support underrepresented groups and foster an inclusive environment.